( on time )

April 6, 2011

tick tock
says the clock
tick tock

 lately, i've been thinking about time
and losing track of it
in a very big way

it's strange but i forget how old i am
what part of the year we are in
{ is winter coming? or is summer? }
what day it happens to be - i've given up on that one

and yet, time goes by
i wonder... does it matter if i know when i am?
tick tock tick tock

how's your relationship with time?
do you fight it? work with it?
ignore it completely in a blithe sort of way?

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1 notes:

  1. oh my...you are the sweetest {truly, honestly}. so many wonderful people in the world of Etsy. i couldn't be more grateful for each and every one of them. but, you...you are the most precious gift i have gotten from them yet.