( a few things )

May 23, 2011

[ 1. ]
ghastly and gorgeous, lamps from graham and green

[ 2. ]
we are having a right fierce thunderstorm
and the puppies are piling up around my feet

[ 3. ]
a fantastic trip to the flea market
means lots of great finds for the shop
{ as soon as the thunderstorm is over and i can take pictures } 

[ 4. ]
i'm a big dummy and completely forgot that a sunny day in may
means miserable sunburn. lobster is not a good look for me.
and wrapping packages with raw arms is such torture.
i hope i've learned my lesson.

[ 5. ]
oh, and this

see, just a few things.
now it's your turn to tell me something...

2 notes:

  1. I will tell you something, i love the way you use text design in your blog. Now for something a bit more personal, I just celebrated my 23rd birthday yesterday :) Oh, and I don't think the lobster works well for anyone. But if you find one, let me know.

  2. well happy (ever-so-slightly-belated) birthday to you katie! xo.