( pottering )

May 5, 2011

i love sunny mornings,
when the sun slants in
waking you bright and early.
and there's no desire to stay in bed
but arise and potter slowly around in the warmth.

i'd like to potter around
in these beautiful potting sheds.
i really would.

{ old man travels }

{ toast }

i think the one that speaks to me the most
is the one with the old man.
the simple white washed walls, the stone floor.
it's a beautiful place.
i usually do my potting on the kitchen counter.
i don't know where normal people do these things,
if they don't have a potting shed or bench to their name.

speaking of which,
there's a small repotting project a'waiting...

{ most of the images are uncredited. if you know the source, please share! }

3 notes:

  1. me too...the one with the old man.

    oh, and i have a potting shed, with bench and all. but i still pot on the kitchen counter

  2. The old man photo is from the Toast website. He's a clothing model for the fantastic clothing company (badass right?), I think they have the best catalog/lookbooks and I want every piece of clothing they sell. You may get lost in their website.. http://www.toast.co.uk/

  3. thanks emily! i love toast, but haven't had a catalog from them in ages. i'll have to look into that. it is endlessly beautiful...