( bird is the word )

June 20, 2011

i do like birds,
and i've always wanted to spend more time on stitching them.
they have such wee funny personalities.

so i finally started working out a few bird patterns.
this is one of the first.
she's rather non-specific in variety, but that doesn't worry her much.

i drew the pattern using charley harper's work for inspiration.
he has such a way with simple lines and expressions.

my biggest struggle was the legs.
i started in wire, but the harsh clean line seemed all wrong to me.
just after getting her perched on wire legs, i figured out what i wanted to use.

twigs! their little knobbles and bumps feel so much more real to me.
a wee operation later and she's perched on more suitable pins.

 i'll be working out a more sparrow-like pattern next...

9 notes:

  1. I love it, it's beautifull, as everything you make.

  2. i love that you used charley harper's work for inspiration! she is a beautiful bird!

  3. love this! and love charley harper too. have you seen his park posters? very cool.

  4. she is just about the loveliest thing ive seen

  5. thank you all so much! i'm so excited we're all excited about birds.

    @jennifer i wanted to get my husband the isle royale poster but completely forgot about it! his birthday is coming up...

  6. love the twigs as legs idea - i too have struggled with bird legs and think you have created a great solution. loving your new bird stitching.

  7. found you via fog and swell, I'm loving your bird. The detail on it is amazing. Can't wait to see the next one.

  8. love charley harper. my 6 year old son draws all his favourite birds using his style as inspiration. love your bird. you're an inspiration to me. thanks.

  9. Twigs for legs? TWIGS?! You're a genius. Love.