( fairy tale )

June 1, 2011


in my fairy tale dreams
this is my happily ever after

 { vladislav salle in prague castle }

3 notes:

  1. wooow, it's in my city :) i agree, beautiful place, one of my favourite!

    (but now we are not tjekkoslovakiet / czechoslovakia, we are czech republic) ;)

  2. it's so incredibly lovely, i hope to see it in person some day.

    i was trying to quote the source (tjekkosloviakiet) as listed on the flickr page, but perhaps i didn't understand it correctly?

  3. i'm so glad you like it!:)

    if you visit Prague someday, let me know, i show you this place and some other beautiful places ;)

    yes, i understand, we are only small country in the middle Europe ;) (till 1993 we were one country - czechoslovakia, but then we leave slovakia/slovakia leave us and we are two countries now)

    and sorry for my english :)