( sorry )

June 9, 2011


please accept these pretty colors
as an apology for being away all week.

i don't really have much of an excuse
just feeling not-quite-up to this hellish weather.

i've puttered a bit this week...
not my usual attack-every-free-minute-with-a-to-do-list
just slow and easy.

i'm not the only one am i?
{ and i'm quite sure i'm not the only one
who color coordinates my markers & pencils! }

5 notes:

  1. I have been acting very much the same, of late. Quiet, quiet, not making much sound, only doing the things I must do to get by. It has been rather nice actually.. however, I am now back to filling every single waking moment (and a few I should be sleeping!) with things to see and do!

  2. most definitely quiet. no music or tv either. just quietness here too.

  3. Whew. The weather. It's gone from blazing hot to autumnal.
    Happy in a hoodie, though.
    Love that sloth!

  4. i feel the same, just puttering about this week, not much to show for it. glad i'm not the only one. and yes, i always organize pencils etc by colour (rainbow order preferred).