( stealing space )

June 3, 2011


finally decided it was just plain silly
to have a whole room dedicated to dining
when honestly, we eat all our meals on the couch.
{ sad, isn't it? }

so now, our small dining space
holds a project table (formerly known as the dining table),
a small, and rather bright, typewriter table,
and a makeshift desk.

a little stolen space
that's given both of us a little more room to work.
{ and i can just spin right around from the desk
to the project table. how fun is that? }

it's not nearly as elegant as it was
but it works.

have a great weekend my darlings!
i'm off to a big flea market
to find lots of lovely new things for you...

6 notes:

  1. yes! that's so much better mrs. everyeskimo...

    {love it} m.

  2. have fun at the flea market! Hilarious that you eat on the couch, not a lot of people would admit that.

  3. Oh those painting are still my favorite!! The space looks great.

  4. I love the color of the typewriter table! I've been wanting to do that for ages and just have to find the table :)

  5. thanks everyone...
    it's certainly working out a lot better than before!