( four & two )

July 25, 2011


aren't we grand with our four fine legs?
four legs good! they said
two legs bad! they surmised

the sparrow overheard and quickly peeked down to count.
only two legs! but she wasn't a bad sparrow.
perhaps a wee bit naughty...

i'll play them a trick she said...
and flew down to the ground.

and this is how they found her.
two little four-legs looked down and saw her little body on the ground.
two legs bad? they said.
they don't look so bad. do you think we caused this?
and they tucked their tails low to show they were sad.

peep! peep!

and the sparrow showed them everything was alright.
four legs good! two legs just as good!
and then she offered them a worm. 

( i couldn't quite get a picture of their reaction. i was laughing too hard to hold the camera. )

xo. r

5 notes:

  1. um, can you say 'children's book'!? so, so good

  2. Oh no. Went looking for the sparrow in your shop but she/he had already found a new destination. Keep making these gorgeous birds, please. :) The wolves are beautiful!

  3. @ethanollie thanks so much! frankly, it's just plain fun to play with the little guys.

    @anne i'll be making more for sure! thanks for your kind words.

  4. i was thinking the same thing as ethanollie even before i read her words...i'll buy the book for sure. really, really so sweet...

  5. heehee, so cute. i love that you make little narratives for them.