( pink )

July 7, 2011

pink is not my favorite color.

it can be so delicate & comforting
when it's done just right.

i've put together inspiration for a little girl's room
from a few finds in my shop.

sweet & just a little bit pink.

+ darling wood lamp for the bedside +
+ fresh vintage linens for the bed +
+ rustic cubby for all her favorite things +
+ delicate dress hung on the wall +

maybe pink's not so bad after all.

{ and no, i'm not expecting. besides which, i'm convinced
patrick & i are going to have all boys anyway. }

2 notes:

  1. Crumbs...I was really hoping you were expecting.

    : )

  2. nothing like old "vintage" cotton - I have a night gown, an adult version of the one you've got there, with no sleeves. it's white cotton with eyelet trim. it's been washed 40,000 times and still it is perfect. my favourite thing is to dry it in the sun and wear it to bed. mmm the small joys in life.