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August 18, 2011

it's been cooler (finally!)
and i've been ever so busy with my needle and thread.
catching up with custom orders & perhaps getting ahead of the holiday rush.
the cooler weather means i can venture back up into my tiny attic studio.
which is naturally cold in the winter & roasting in the summer.

and it is tiny. more of a garret, really.
i spend most of my time spread out on a large couch, covered in small scraps of fabric
and trailing bits of thread when i run downstairs to refill my tea.
i can't tell you how often my mind wanders to a time
when i'll have a real studio space.

a place to spread out, see everything at once.
and not have to transport projects all over the house
because i need a table or light or space to lay something out.
a place to be messy and place to play.

some of my favorite inspirations...
not too neat. not too serious. never too clean.







and perhaps the perfect place to hold it all.
a reclaimed barn in the woods where the fresh air can come in
and there's room to breathe.

a girl can dream, can't she?

xo. r

6 notes:

  1. I love all of those spaces, especially the first two--inspiring!

  2. Wow, breathtaking spaces. I love the one with the chalkboard. Reminds me of an old romanticized school room.

    x, C

  3. oh i feel you on this one - what i would do for a studio space of my own. trailing threads, piles on couches and tables, i am right there beside you. glad it is cooling down for you to get back at your stitching. have a good weekend!

  4. everything. in one place. genius! i can't wait for that someday....

  5. I like to pretend these are really pictures of your house :)