( sneak peek )

August 4, 2011

two little ones who will be in the shop later tonight.
after that, a short sewing break.

two good reasons...

1. i seem to have worn a hole in the tip of my finger. i've never gotten used to a thimble. as soon as i put one on, i invariably switch to pushing the needle through with the next bare finger.
( although, i'm slowly becoming used to this one. )

2. i have to move everything from one side of the basement to the other so the gas meter can be relocated. not a fun project by any means & i've been doing my best to procrastinate about the whole thing. in fact, i think i might go run an errand or two first...

i've been a wretchedly poor blogger lately, my apologies.
i miss you all.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. Love this pair, very inspiring, makes me want ot go and make some more birds and creatures, sadly not enough hours in the day at the moment. Good luck with your basement reorganisation.

  2. Lovely pair - thanks so much for the sneak peek - love your shop - found you quite by accident while looking on Jean Jean Vintage's blog (also love).