( friday fuzzy )

September 30, 2011

dreamy whites

yes, bunnies do deserve their own personal vintage grain sack cushions.
looks like a beautiful life.

based on what happened behind the garage earlier this week,
i do not think a bunny would have a beautiful life in this house.
the dogs do however, now each have their own lucky rabbit's foot.

well, on that note... happy friday.
xo. r

3 notes:

  1. ...Eeek! Poor bunny! :o\

    ...Btw, what kind of bunny is that? It's so small and beautiful! :o)

    ...Well, here's hoping the uh, rabbit's feet, bring lotsa luck to the everyeskimo resident canines.

    ...Blessings :o)

  2. i will take two of this little bunny please. i promise to hug them and love them and treat them like my very own.

  3. Oh no, poor behind the garage bunny. We have (correction had) a behind the compost bin skunk. I swear I can still smell that skunk on the dogs.