( humble hankie )

September 23, 2011

once again, it seems to be allergy season for me.
and that means lots and lots of delicate dabbing at my eyes and nose.

the thrifty side of me balks at constantly running to the kleenex box.
and all of me balks at my mom's solution of shop grade paper towel.
i do not look nice with cherry red, raw nose. not at all.

then i spotted the basket of lovely hankies on my dresser,
and i thought, "why not?"
softer than tissue, a little bit of lovely
and so easy to throw in the wash with the delicates.
it makes allergy season just a little less awful.

( of course, patrick will insist on calling them snot rags,
but he's a boy and not to be minded too much. )

xo. r

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