( soil and water )

September 14, 2011

connecticut kitchen garden

some people make gardening look like a dreamy piece of heaven.
they're liars.
some of them even have the audacity to look like they're enjoying themselves.

i survived the swarms of bees on the sedum.
luckily, they were too busy feasting to notice me staking up their supper.
or whatever they do with all that pollen.

i wasn't sure if the bushes were overgrown or just lush & abundant.
i did some pruning.
now they're lopsided and probably still overgrown.
the japanese maple looks like it's giving me the middle finger.

someday i hope to get the hang of gardening.
maybe even learn to enjoy it.
but right now, i have to go get the dirt out of my unmentionables.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. I laughed at loud about the Japanese Maple. I am betting your garden looks beautiful :)

  2. Funny post. For the most part I enjoy the idea of gardening more than the act.