( thrift karma )

September 9, 2011

four years ago while thrifting, i found a pair of knee high wellingtons.
but i was feeling cheap and $8 seemed like an awful lot at the moment.
i left without them.
i've been kicking myself for the last four years.

today in the very same place,
i found this amazing pair of moccasin boots. (lined with thick sheepskin!)
i did not make the same mistake twice.
and karma was very, very good to me.
they were only $5.

happy toasty feet for the winter!
cheap thrill.

xo. r

6 notes:

  1. Those are AMAZING! They were just waiting for you to see them and say"hello,we are $5 worth of awesome for you this Winter,may we follow you home?".
    Love your work and your blog,just started following through a link from J @ Plushroom Soup!

  2. awesome score! those will keep you very toasty this winter.

  3. wow, lucky you, those are beautiful boots!

  4. no. freakin'. way. are those handmade? out of moose hide? thx for the reminder to go thrifting tomorrow :)

  5. Superb boots! Excellent hunting on the thrift front EveryEskimo :D

  6. ah! so glad you all love them. sometimes there's nothing more exciting than a good thrift find.