( fall )

October 15, 2011

a fall ritual.

a long hike through the woods
to the cider mill on the other side.
a doughnut for each of us ( one for the dog too )
and a gallon of cider to take home.

today, i caved in & bought some homemade fudge.

now, we're huddled up by the fire.
faces aglow in the light of the laptops.
happily sipping cider with a splash of captain morgan.
a fall ritual i will never tire of.

xo. r

{ ps. i am on instagram, and i think you can follow me there. but i can't tell you how, since i've never been able to figure it out myself. we laughed today, thinking we'll be sharing old photos with our future children by telling them about instagram and facebook.
which will both, of course, be obsolete by then. }

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