( nesting )

October 22, 2011

it began with just one innocent quilt. {here}
and under the guise of prepping for winter in the everyeskimo shop, 
quilts began to follow me home.

i started to sort & photograph them for the shop
and i find i'm having an unbearably hard time parting with any of them.

they come from such a different time.
worn out clothes were carefully saved, the smallest pieces salvaged.
sewn into something beautiful, backed with whatever could be found.
(two of these are backed with old feedsacks, soft and pliant with age.)

and then, they were used until the cotton blistered, 
the small stitches began to let go and they wore through.

so much history in one blanket.
how do you put a price on that?
xo. r

3 notes:

  1. ...You don't. I'ma sucker for an old quilt e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e and have oodles of 'em to prove it. *giggle* Oh well. :o)

    ...Love your collection - very pretty!


  2. I've been thinking a lot about quilts recently.. an old family one is on the way to me now from my grandfather's house. planning on spending the next few weeks & months rehabilitating it.

    your quilt finds are very lovely