( squirrel )

November 17, 2011

a little squirrel just finished up for a custom order.

she's made from a vintage camelhair fabric with a rescued tail.
she has a little apron for wiping acorn crumbs on.


a good friend asked me if i ever take custom orders i'm worried about.
and the answer is yes, i do. this squirrel and the otter were two of them.
i'm never quite certain how they're going to turn out.
(hells bells, even patterns i've used ten times can come out with a surprise.)

but when it's a custom order, i have to figure my way through it.
i can't get discouraged and abandon it.
sometimes i have to make several versions to get to an end result i can be proud of.
and of course, this amount of work isn't really reflected in the price.
but i think what i learn from it is worth the extra work.

lessons learned from squirrels.

xo. r

6 notes:

  1. ...Adorable. :o)

    ...And I admire your tenacity. I did two custom orders and I "freaked" thru both of 'em. Once I heard back that the customers were pleased I swore off custom orders from then on. For some odd reason it wiped away the creativity and made it feel more like a task. :o\

    ...Love your work.


  2. tj, you're right, it does have a bit more of a task like feel. and i don't necessarily enjoy that bit. but i do enjoy the challenge, and it's usually something i wouldn't have tackled if left to my own devices. customs are definitely something i enjoy doing... as long as i can work on whatever i desire in between!

  3. I'm in love. That apron is adorable.

  4. Whatever you had to do to get that squirrel was worth it. She's fantastic!

  5. she's utterly divine. i hope the recipient appreciates how skilled a maker you are.