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January 16, 2012

m.elle design

gray organschi via dwell

james gorst architects

last week i shared the renderings of our future home.
this week, i thought i'd share some of our inspiration.

when it comes the house, i tend to think in pictures.
not something to copy, but a mood that feels like home to me.
pinterest has been an invaluable resource for gathering, organizing and culling images.
even more so as we begin to make final decisions on things.

patrick and i both landed on the same favorites.
starkly modern with huge windows
softened with older materials and a simple aesthetic

(and well, metal roofs are just so darned practical. i've played the role of shingle courier once,
hauling piles of them up the ladder onto the roof. i don't feel the need to reprise that one.)
we also love the feeling the clusters of buildings bring...
a safe haven to escape the outside world.

i'll be sharing more bits of inspiration room by room.
it will be rather interesting to see where we began, and where we end.
( i still worry that it will be a complete disaster. neither of us are designers. fingers crossed. )

xo. r

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  1. that first one has an amazing feel to it. i am a big fan of the central 'courtyard', and i love your idea of a cluster of buildings as shelter from the storm. rooting for you guys!