( resolved )

January 3, 2012

d. velasquez

i'm not a very big believer in new year's resolutions,
but they seem to happen despite my best efforts.
something about the hope & orderliness of a new year, i think.

this year, i'd like to wake up earlier.
i've always wished to be a morning person.
and while truthfully, i'm a night owl, i seem to be falling asleep a lot earlier these days.
so perhaps it's time to explore the other side of daybreak
and get up with the rowdy rooster.

of course, coffee helps.
and a hot shower too.

also, you may have noticed that this blog now lives at everyeskimo.com
a small but frustrating feat, i bumbled through on my own.
i think i succeeded. please let me know if you find otherwise.

xo. r

4 notes:

  1. Bumbled through? No, it was seamless and looks great. Good luck with becoming a morning person. I have been resolving the same for years. Hope you do better than I have. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and inspirations.

  2. Ahhhh....coffee!! I do wish I could find a way to be a morning person. You'll have to share any tricks you find along the way. Your blog is looking beautiful--I usually am browsing via a reader but clicked through so I could see. Very nice 'n clean look. Wishing you the best with your resolution and Happy New Year too :)

  3. I've been waking up earlier (tho admittedly, sometimes not) & love it! so much motivation & peace early in the morning. happy new year, regina!

  4. Tea is an even better one.