February 10, 2012


a quick note on decorating around dogs.

dog hair gets everywhere. and there is no couch in the world that will hide it.
except perhaps leather, but we lacked that foresight.

after a few years of constantly cleaning dog hair off the couches
(a practical but not ideal brown microfiber)
i gave up and simply threw painter's drop cloths over them.

easy to pull off and toss in the washer.
they're cheap, surprisingly soft, and feel quite friendly & relaxed.
oddly enough, they made our couches feel bigger.

guess i have some hairy little beasts to thank for this change.

xo. r

( the 1st image is from sometime in 2009,
there have been quite a few changes since then! )

1 notes:

  1. So lovely! I especially like your paint color and those globes.