on evolution

February 28, 2012

i've been thinking about the pocket bears lately.
they're friendly little fellows, but more and more, i've had the nagging feeling
that they've strayed a bit too far away from the style i've developed.

it's an odd feeling, to consciously walk away from something you've made literally hundreds of.
i find myself feeling a bit guilty, conflicted.

but a good design needs a bit of evolution from time to time
and the pocket bears needed a change to evolve from toy to totem.
i had thought of them as a kind of mascot - perched on desks & tucked in jewelry boxes.
a little secret smile, a friendly wave hello.

please allow me to introduce
the ever-so-slightly evolved pocket bear...

already i find myself thinking of him with dapper little accessories... 
a bow tie, a pocket watch, a cravat.

i'm certain there will still be a few old-school bears in the shop, evolution does take time.
but it's nice to know where we're going, even if we take our time.

xo. r

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