upon entry

February 8, 2012

one of the things we were very sure we wanted for our home was a very large mudroom.
between three dogs, a large yard bordering on the woods,
future children and the two of us (who have not yet learned to stay out of the mud),
dirt is just a fact of life.

we needed to plan for a place that would catch dirt, leaves, muddy boots, and who knows what else before it gets tracked to the rest of the house. and of course a place for coats, scarves, mittens, etc. experience tells me they will never make it into a closet. our chairs are constantly littered with our coats, our shoes tend to gather within feet of the door. this is just how it is, and i'd rather plan for it than fight it.

i am hoping to talk patrick into a concrete sink.
they're fairly easy to find for free on craigslist, with the catch that you have to move them yourself.
since they were normally poured in place, you can imagine the weight.
perhaps i should start baking bribes now?

the friendly family entry
that welcomes you home after a long day.

xo. r

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2 notes:

  1. Oh. My. That galvanized sink RAWKS!
    If I had my druthers, I would install a walk in tiled shower base w/handheld shower. Step in. Rinse off boots. Step in. Rinse off dogs. Much easier than a sink. imho. :)

    1. we must think alike! the dog shower is in the bathroom that's right by the mudroom! and well it's a people/dog shower since that will be nicer than hosing everyone off outside. although, i believe patrick is still petitioning for an outside shower as well. scrub-a-dub.