March 29, 2012

it was a grey grey day.
which means a calm and lovely sewing day for me. (my favorite kind of day.)
i must have been in an odd mood this morning,
because when the sugar plum bear demanded a crowning glory, i obliged.
queen of the fairies, indeed.

and the humble little sheep feels all the more humble for coming after miss twinkle toes.
but i find myself pleased with his straight forward and simple demeanor.
his wooly coat is fairly unprocessed and if you get quite close
you can still detect a nice, warm sheepy lanolin smell.

these two misfits will be available in the shop shortly.
after that... a few pocket bears & an unlucky bunny.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. she does look like a very fancy polar bear, ready to twirl around on the ice floes - awesome. can i take credit for inspiring you into some sheepy goodness? ;)

    1. oh goodness, if i could recreate those wobbly little lambs... they are too darling.