April 20, 2012

adding a bunch of these sweet little gas station numbers to the shop today. (there are a few different styles available too!) and of course i kept a large set of 3-6-5 for display in the new house. kind of an odd choice of "finders-keepers" for me, typically i don't gravitate towards red. but there's something so simple and graphic about these numbers. and of course the reminder that today is just one day and things will change tomorrow. sometimes it reminds me to live fully in the moment, and sometimes it reminds me that this moment will pass. all things do, given time.

excavation & ground work on the new house begins next week. making a construction road that will eventually become the driveway and raising the whole area up under the house a few feet to create proper drainage and avoid any water issues. now that it's all getting real, i'm getting nervous. (365. it will come, it will go.)

xo. r

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  1. i don't normally gravitate toward *red* either, but a splash here and there makes me happy.
    and, i love numbers.