April 19, 2012

i just finished up a custom order for a coyote who likes fine things. she requested the same fabrics as an earlier fox, but i made a few adjustments to the pattern. longer, leaner legs (the effect is somewhat hidden by her stole) and nice high shoulders like a coyote. her face has been narrowed and lengthened a bit too.

you can see the differences between the two below.
a slightly more serious, lanky coyote to the playful, kittenish fox.

and speaking of foxes. this little one has been sitting on my work table for a while.
normally, i know exactly what a little fox should wear. and this one refuses to tell me.
his fabric is salvaged from a very heavy pair of old army pants. wool that feels more like a solid than a fabric. his underbelly is actually from the pocket lining of the same pants.

it's gorgeous material and i love the feel and history of it. but ferchrissake is it hard to work with. i end up with three thimbles on various fingers and my thumb for pushing the needle through and i keep forceps close by for the times the needle needs to be pulled out!

i think perhaps this little fox actually wants a mate and when the two of them are finally together they'll tell me precisely what accoutrements they desire. fussy little foxes.

someday i'll actually remember to take a photo mid-process. curious... do any of you other stitchers prefer to work on a couch instead of at a table? i find being able to support a little body on my knees or against a pillow on my lap is often more gentle. but i can't escape the feeling that i'm just "slacking off" instead of working "properly".

xo. r

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  1. such a sweet little coyote.

    i actually always work on the couch, since i have no studio space to speak of. you can still be working properly while in a comfy seat, i think.