friday fuzzy

April 27, 2012

fennec fox is the new french bulldog.
(just kidding bump & otis. although i bet i wouldn't have to carry a fennec fox on our entire "walk". i'm looking at you bump. )

treat yourself to a click on the image. it will take you to more fennec foxes than you can stand.
or at least more than i can stand. these early morning palpitations are not due to too much coffee. at least not yet, give me another hour.

happy friday my dears. happy friday.
xo. r

2 notes:

  1. Sweet! Yesterday I saw 2 foxes near my studio, here in Israel. This is a rare picture here! I was so exited.. There is nothing like nature, isn't it?

    1. that is so amazing! the most i get here is squirrels and i still get excited!