April 16, 2012

quite taken with these little air plant jellyfish by petit beast.
a little sea urchin shell, a little air plant, a whole lot of sweet.

i do have a few sea urchin shells around here and an air plant or two that died with grace and valor
and still managed to keep there tentacley shape (if not their soft green color).
perhaps i shall find a small corner for their reincarnation.

you clever thing, petit beast, you clever thing.

xo. r


on a side note, i'm hoping for a much more productive week.
last week i found myself a bit distracted and out of it. unable to concentrate much the whole week long.
is it the moon? distractions by ersatz jellyfish? do you have weeks like this?

4 notes:

  1. oh week went by pretty much the same as yours. maybe it's this crazy mid-west spring weather? tax time? jellyfish/sea urchin distractions? ...who knows? here's to getting back on track. +happy monday.

  2. last week felt a lot like that for me as well - i was unable to focus. here's hoping we are both more productive this week. also, i have been loving those jellyfish plants for ages, right up my alley.

  3. so glad i'm not the only one who had a distracted week! definitely made up for it today... i'm exhausted.