vintage green

April 23, 2012

i may not be much of a gardener...
there are few plants that live up to my expectations of being organized looking at all points of the spring & summer. and even fewer that survive my willy nilly garden tending.

but houseplants are a completely different matter.
they crowd almost every sunny window and i find myself fussing over them nearly daily.
the green, the shapes, the geometry and alien spirals... i absolutely love it.

(a recently acquired string of buttons is waiting for repotting on the kitchen windowsill. it's a freaking square plant! square! patrick failed to see why an exclamation point was necessary. boys.)

whoops, small digression there. anyways...
no doubt, some of my favorite vintage finds are the ones that hold & display plants in all their lovely glory. these pieces are all in the shop now. and i must admit, they may be much harder to put in the shop once the new house is up and we have space for all these plant holding lovelies. but for now, they're up for grabs.

images linked!

xo. r


ps. hope you all had a lovely weekend, even with the wacky weather all over the country. mine involved a pickaxe, a ton of soaking wet clay-heavy dirt, a blister, and a chainsaw. also, a delicious and peaceful breakfast out, and an early morning wander through the local flea. guess which part of the weekend was better? i kid, the hard work makes me laugh and makes me feel whole. city living is just not my cup of tea. so much nicer where all you hear is the wind blowing and the birds calling.

2 notes:

  1. where do you pick up those lovely white glaze pots?

    1. ikea used to sell them for something like 50 cents! i'm kicking myself for not buying a billion more.