May 7, 2012

i don't often share pictures of my workspace, a tricky stolen space under the eaves of the attic.
it's a bit dark, it's more than a bit cluttered and i haven't been able to get a satisfactory shot that captures what i love about it... the fact that when i really get settled in, it feels like nothing so much as a big bird's nest. scatters of fabric and thread just an arm's length away. tools and fluff and lace bits all over.

but as much as i love tucking in and stitching away up there, sometimes it gets too hot. or too cold. or i need to spread out. and for those purposes, i've invented a traveling workspace.

it's a two tray system that keeps me somewhat organized, and mobile. and has reduced the number of times i've used my own clothes or quilts for pincushions, later forgetting about the needle or pin and stabbing the bejeezus out of myself. (new mantra: pins! go! in! the! pin! cushion!)

one narrow wood tray that holds three vintage pincushions (really working on that mantra) and an array of hemostats (best stuffing & turning tool ever), scissors and other assorted "tools". and a big old round tray that gathers bits of thread, a vintage gravy boat as a makeshift place to toss sewing detritus... bits of thread or small snips of fabric. the little bird bowls hold short pins and long pins, thimbles and extra needles. and there's always room for a hot cup of tea!

it's a system that's worked well for me, keeping the pieces and different color threads handy for each project. and making sure that moving from attic to dining room table only takes one trip, not a dozen. more sewing, less searching!

someday, there will be a more permanent place for me. a more ideal space. but for now, welcome to my office.

xo. r


for those of you who sew at a table, have you found an ideal height or set up? is it a low table like a traditional dining room table. or a more counter height table and a high stool? i do like sewing on a couch, using my knees to prop up a little fox so i can support his body safely while i sew. but i think there may be advantages to a more traditional workspace as well. thoughts?

3 notes:

  1. I made a desk, much like Kate Miss' from leftover ikea butcher block counter from my kitchen and hairpin table legs. Great sewing table.

    What I wish I had was taller than counter-height (I'm super tall) for cutting and stuff, because it's so much easier to stand and cut than to sit and cut...especially larger patterns.

  2. looks like a great movable system. i have been known to stick pins along my sleeve cuff and then leave the house like that. i rarely stab myself though (except when actually stitching), but the bf lives in fear of stepping or sitting on pins.

  3. oh! the lost and forgotten needles. i wear them on my sleeve cuffs too. but as i often sew on the sofa, with knees bent so i can use my legs as a sewing surface, the needles go in my pant leg, which go unforgotten until much later when they are stabbing me in the thighs. such a dangerous thing it is to sew.

    i have those same goose (?) measuring cups i picked up while thrifting recently. i love them! and i love your mobile work space...looks truly inviting.