June 16, 2012

i find myself feeling dulled these days.
blunted. fractured. grey.
it's been too hot to work in my studio and i find myself pacing around the house unable to think.
i feel empty. hollow. and yet, i feel a bit like i'm full to the point of bursting.
perhaps a change in the weather will help.
perhaps a new nature system.

sometimes the internet feels like high school.
everything you put out there will be measured up, scrutinized, found wanting.
i find it stifling. 
but it's the not internet, not really.
it's something internal. some part of adolescence i've never really been able to shake. 

you spend too much time rattling around in your own head
you're bound to knock something loose.
something that's been holding on for a very long time.

every story should have a beginning, middle and end.
this one is mostly middle.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. yes to so much of this, so much like you are speaking just what i am thinking recently. except for the hot part. another grey, wet and cool day here, no summer to be found. hope you find your pace soon.

  2. regina, know just what you mean. it can make you want to stop sharing entirely. but there are a few (at least) out there who are made happy by what you're doing!