friday fuzzy

June 8, 2012

if i had a cabin on a lake, maybe in the woods,
there would be a fox sitting on a well-worn couch
waiting for the popcorn to be popped
and perhaps for a small blanket he could call his own.


 `I only said "if"!' poor Alice pleaded in a piteous tone. The two Queens looked at each other, and the Red Queen remarked, with a little shudder, `She SAYS she only said "if" - ' `But she said a great deal more than that!' the White Queen moaned, wringing her hands. `Oh, ever so much more than that!' `So you did, you know,' the Red Queen said to Alice.


happy friday, is it really here already?
xo. r

1 notes:

  1. and i would join this wee fox, sitting, waiting, for said blanket and popcorn....