June 21, 2012

loving nightwood's reincarnated designs. absolutely loving.

growing up in a house with fancy furniture and endless rules about not touching anything
made me long to jump on the bed, stand on the arms of the couch or make a fort from the cushions.
now that i get to choose the furniture (and the rules), we have a lot of vintage.
designs i love with dents and dings and years of wear.

vintage has an added bonus...
if it's dinged, another ding won't show.
and if the thonet chair is already scuffed a bit, i won't be afraid to sit in it.
and well, if it's lasted this long, there's not much worse i could do to it.
it's made a comfortable house for us.

which is why these (re)designs from nightwood are calling my name.
i love the graceful, delicate lines combined with the patched and layered fabrics and cushions.
it's intriguing. it makes me want to take a needle and thread to the furniture and see what happens.

fear and furniture really shouldn't mix.
furnishings should invite. and comfort. and give you a place to collapse.
and when the cushion wears out (which it will, you're using it everyday, aren't you?)
toss a new one on. it's so simple.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. i hear ya'....i grew up the same way. we had ONE chair apiece we could sit in. everything else was just for "show"....
    i used to tell people i grew up in a museum.
    now mister pencilfox and i use EVERYTHING in our house.

    love your photos and your words....