weekend cabin

June 5, 2012

weekend cabin is a favorite stop of mine on a busy weekday. it shares those places we retreat to on the days between. (okay, well, mostly it shows those places billionaires retreat to, but a girl can pretend.)

this weekend cabin happens to be rather near & dear... floating on lake huron in michigan. apparently, this is what you build when you own unbuildable property on an island. i can't imagine anything feeling more like an escape. adrift on the river, anchored only by a removable bridge.

more images and a short article here, the inside is pretty gorgeous as well.

xo. r

4 notes:

  1. amazing in its beautiful simplicity.
    love those slatted windows.

  2. Now that's living *on* a lake! The dusk/evening photos of it are gorgeous.

  3. It's a dream to spend a week in this house...i'm not sure if I can call it house, but you know what I mean:)