July 13, 2012

we've gone from a few first floor walls to an entire first floor.
and a ladder up to the second!

because we eliminated the basement and chose to do slab on grade
we will have a roof before we have a floor.
(all the basements i know are just filled with unwanted stuff. and i un-want that.)

we are waiting on a few beams before we can frame in the covered porch.
(that will be on the far right in the first picture.)

and see the work table they roughed in (under the long window in the second picture)?
that's where the kitchen sink will be. or umm, sinks. i wanted two.

so pleased with the progress and still so far to go.
the suspense is terrible, i hope it lasts. (willy wonka)

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. It's amazing how fast it goes up! The suspense! Terrible and wonderful at the same time :)

  2. Awesome!! You are living my dream - creating a house that fits your life, like being basement-less (that is the ultimate!!).
    As for two sinks - yes! I have one little kitchen sink, and while its a cute little sink, a double sink is the stuff of dreams. :)

  3. Looks great! I don't have a basement. I thought that this way my kids will play near me, and I can spy on them all the time... Even our laptop is usually located on a desk near the stairs so I can see what they are doing. But, there is a payment.. It is noisy all the time, and also the mess is to be seen... (Sorry for my mistakes in English...)
    Your house is going to be very pretty, I can tell..
    Noga from Israel