July 2, 2012

sewing never feels like work. it feels like playing.
i feel a tad guilty and try to get all the unpleasant things out of the way first.
then i can duck into the studio and fool around for a bit.
so i always end up feeling like i haven't had time to sew.

imagine my surprise when i realized there were three complete little creatures
sitting on the edge of my work table, just waiting to be listed.

the hedgehog and the lost dog are in the shop today.
the rabbit with a hanky will be in the shop on thursday.

i added a bunch of new pieces to the shop today. (monday shop updates, as promised!)
it's a funny week, with the fourth of july falling right in the middle of it.
and patrick's out of town. i feel a bit disoriented...
holidays just don't normally go like this.

ah, well. more time for naps. i've needed a lot of those lately!

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. Love the hedgehog so much!!!! You are very talented!!!

  2. that hedgehog - oh man, is he cute!

  3. is that bunny holding a hanky?! these are wonderful and i love all the little details...