country life

August 25, 2012

today i climbed a ladder. went to the farmer's market. picked up oil at the tractor store. hauled brush. cleared a few trees. sank ankle deep in mud. drove a tractor. ran a chainsaw. swam in a pond. was nibbled by a fish. and otherwise had a fabulous time in the country.

i have suspicions that this house - with its future vegetable garden, and chickens and wood boiler and wood to cut and split and fill the wood shed - will have a never ending chore list. i also have suspicions that it will be an enormous amount of fun.

at the end of the day, ice cold glasses of beer will be clinked on the porch.
today, we clinked them while standing in an ice cold pond.

xo. r

5 notes:

  1. Country life is awesome, if I do say so myself. Endless chores...and endless Chicken drama ha!

  2. I love the tilt shift lens you used. I really like how it got your point across. So neat!

  3. the house seems to be huge! and beautiful. how lucky you are to live soon among forest. i live in paris, you know... vive la campagne ! :)

  4. so excited for you!! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your world and so excited to watch it grow!!-Katie

  5. it's coming along beautifully! won't be long now...