defining space

August 13, 2012

patrick has had the worst of a summer cold
but on sunday he was up to visiting the house.
so we went for a drive, with the dogs in tow.
they love to run around the grounds, paw through the mud and splash in the pond.

and we walked through the house.
room to room, trying to imagine a future there.

what i find truly challenging is to understand the space.
the huge living room, roughly defined by walls and voids where windows will be,
seems small when your eyes travel to the woods beyond.

the bedrooms upstairs seem positively tiny. surrounded by walls. a little framed maze.
until i measure and compare with the rooms in our current home.

i am told that this space-perception thing will change again and again.
when the windows go in, when the drywall goes up. when the furniture moves in.

it gives me pause to realize,
we are defined more by perception than reality.

xo. r

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