friday fuzzy

August 31, 2012

this is pompon. resident feline at helloneëst.
he is my cat crush. the cat most.

i fall in love with the movements.
the way the frenchies stretch their necks and twitch their ears.
the way a baby grabs its feet. the way a cat nuzzles and twists
to be scratched in just the right places. that's the part i love.

pompon's got the moves alright.

while we're on the topic of cats. and movies. and kids.
(oh, we weren't talking about movies? well, now we are.)
if you have a kid and like cats and want to watch a movie...
and if perhaps you like the quirkiness of foreign movies and want to dip some little toes in those waters.
i must insist you watch miss minoes. i have no idea how i ended up watching it, but it's delightful.
a dutch movie, dubbed in english, it still manages to retain all its charm.
and the costuming is wonderful. watch with your kids. and cats.

xo. r

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