it's a trap

August 1, 2012

aww hell... i had myself a good old hand-wringer of a worrying night.
mostly over a bill that may or may not have been unpaid. which was hard to say really,
from my cocoon of worry.

the solution was simple. sleep the night. wake up in the morning. look at bill.
it's either been paid or it gets paid. nothing to fuss about.

but one can not just sleep through that. to approach this problem properly,
one must wake up multiple times in the night and toss and turn and kick and fret.
lots of lovely fretting.

trying to get my morning back on track. working through the hot coffee.
and a nice long hot and scrubby shower is on deck next.
then, perhaps i'll find something more sensible to worry about...
like the fact that i'm rivaling my mother for gold-medal worrying champion.


xo. r

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  1. I'm a constant worrier too, it sucks! What have our mothers done to us? ;)