August 2, 2012

a strutting male california quail with a flower garland made for impressing the lady quails.

he has about a bajillion feathers, each hand stitched.
and i tucked a few weights tucked inside to make him feel just right
when he's sitting in your hand. he was a custom order...
a little something to remind my customer of home.
i feel quite lucky to be a part of a memory like that.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. he's quite handsome.
    i love that he strings along flowers to attract lady quail.

  2. what a fancy little fellow - i'm sure the ladies will be after him in no time.

  3. my rex! regina is magic with her needle and thread. i plan to conspire with her to give him a bride. he is loving the bachelor life now, but he'll want to be kept warm at night sooner or later.

    thank you, regina, for making my little dream come to life. i already have a perch picked out for him for when he arrives at our new home.