August 22, 2012

say maybe you drag home a hose winder from the flea.
say maybe your husband looks at you sideways for bringing home such a big, odd... thing.
and while you're cringing and busy explaining, "well, it's for the shop, really"
he says ever so quietly... "we could plumb it into the house, you know."
"oh? outside by the farm pump?"
"no, inside."
perplexed look from me.
"you know, for all the plants you want in the front windows."
and you fall in love all over again.

xo. r

ps. i can't wait for the front windows. and all the plants. because i've already filled up every sunny space in this house.
even in front of cupboard doors.

3 notes:

  1. keep that man. i like how he thinks.

  2. very old lady/lydia lapwingAugust 24, 2012 at 7:49 AM

    Please don't plumb it it in indoors - the hose so often leaks, especially after use and you don't want your lovely new home ruined.

    Have it plumbed right by the house outside and the you can open the windows and go outside and water from outside but really a small watering can or a jug is best for watering indoors.

  3. Oh - such sweetness!!! It made me choke back tears. Yes, the man is clearly wonderful.
    I say plumb it inside - everything can be made to work somehow. Life is far to short to not do the things that make us smile.