September 6, 2012

i read this somewhere. i must have tucked it away in my mind, because i've been thinking about it a lot today. there are
always jobs that are just not fun. folding laundry, doing dishes, going to yoga when you'd rather just take a hot shower
and eat buttered toast. okay, maybe that last one is just me. the theory being, if you can't wiggle your way out of a job
(by all means, wiggle whenever possible) find something about it to enjoy instead. something to get into.

while i really wanted buttered toast this morning and not 90 minutes of hot sweaty yoga, i applied this thought and i have to admit i had a pretty great practice. now, i'm going to apply it to the three loads of laundry that need folding and see if it holds true. since, oddly enough, writing about it did not make that chore go away.

folding! laundry! hurrah, hurrah! are you feeling it yet?

xo. r

1 notes:

  1. maybe i'm just a "doer" and maybe i'm quite driven, but that's always been my philosophy....

    today after completing all my chores, i sat on the couch and enjoyed a plate of butter'd raisin toast.