un, deux, trois

September 5, 2012

something new in oeufling land... wee little buntings in sets of un, deux, trois.
(i feel fairly certain that oeuflings count in french. and probably not much higher than three.)

it could just be an oeufling whim, i'm not sure how often these will appear in the shop.
but they've been piling on my desk, gadding about in vintage muffin tins and rolling around the ribbon drawer. something had to be done.

these three buntings will be in the shop tomorrow. along with some lovely new vintage finds.
(well, that's the plan. after a marathon photo shoot this afternoon, my brain seems to be filled with about as much fluff as an oeufling and i keep popping away from my desk for a coffee or some chocolates or to rearrange the kitchen cabinets.) ding dong dope.

xo. r

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