weekend work

September 24, 2012

the concrete is poured and it is delicious.

after 14 days of grinding & polishing (what?!) i hope it will be sweeter still.
and tucked away in a corner, i found a permanent inscription.
now, every time patrick is mad at me,
i will take him over to the corner and show him... 
he is good & stuck with me.

see that picture with the mud and the tractor and the wood?
this is what all our days look like now.
clearing trees for electricity access. clearing trees for a septic field.
clearing trees because they fell down.
living in the woods does have a downside.
my legs are covered with bruises from errant limbs, knots & knarls.
every red bump raises suspicions of poison ivy.

and yet, i hope to end every day on the porch.
peeking up through the beams, drinking it all in.

on the seventh day we rested. sort of.
we headed to one last big flea for the year.
by the time we tumbled out of the car after a two hour trip
we realized we were rather too tired to make much of a go at it.
we dragged, and haggled, and managed to fill the jeep with some very good finds.
called it quits early and trekked back home in search of comfy couches.

the day ended beautifully, curled up with a blanket and a warm dog.
bump's furry little body breathing against mine.
home is where your dog is.

xo. r

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