another restful weekend

October 22, 2012

tractor lessons / otis listened very carefully
taking stock of woodpiles / end of day wheelbarrow ride
wood, wood & more wood

another weekend of work. but, really, there's sort of nothing better than working companionably
side by side with those you love. my mom and i did lots of painting, patrick split wood.
we all stacked it together.

we put in a wood boiler as the main heating source for the house.
which means all the trees we cleared to make space for the house now become free heat.
it's just that they need to be cut. and split. and stacked. it's a monster project.
you know, aside from trying to finish the house.

otis is turning into an admirable little country dog, riding in wheelbarrows.
greeting the concrete crew. watching the wild turkeys strut down the road.
he even crawled under the jeep to help patrick change the oil.

i did squeeze in a trip to the flea market on saturday with lots of good finds.
and somehow i've managed to seriously bump my head on the job site no less than three times.
so if the nouns and verbs are all cattywhompus here, blame the goose egg on my forehead.

xo. r

1 notes:

  1. ain't a dog in a wheelbarrow just the most precious thing??!
    i do it to ziggy quite often but he does not find it as amusing as do i....