laden with history

October 24, 2012

these two little foxes were part of a very special custom project.
one of my customers sent me an email explaining
she had a rather large collection of wool fabric... some with lots of sentimental significance.
she wondered if it could be used for a few little animals. 
we sent lots of emails back and forth, matching perfect pieces of family-loved fabric
to just the right little animal, along with details and ideas.

i've always loved doing custom orders. thinking about the little animal's new home
as i stitched away. sometimes they're destined for a couple in love, or a totem for a new baby.
it always adds something to the process for me.

this project was a whole new level of custom.
i started to picture who had touched these fabrics, wore them.
who stored it all safely for years. and who cared enough to see it used again.
it's been a particularly dear project to me and i feel rather grateful to be a part of it.

little foxes, laden with history.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. what a blessing, to be the one chosen to make a lovely thing from favourite fabric. i'm going to remember this. and have you make me a whole complete den of foxes and coyotes. someday. someday.


  2. oh i love that little sitting fox, so perfect.