friday fuzzy

November 9, 2012

normally i gravitate towards desaturated images, given my longstanding love-affair with neutral.
but oh, how color can change everything. i'm loving everything about this photo
by yip choon hung in indonesia. those white spots! i want to walk my fingers across them.

yesterday was an all-day-long vintage hunt right smack in the middle of nowhere. it was a fascinating drive.
the sun on the rolling fields kept tricking my mind into thinking i was driving along the coast.
a long strip of abandoned tourist spots made me want to explore all those forgotten nooks and crannies.
it would have been a perfect day to drive, dawdle and photograph everything.
alas, i was on a vintage mission and not to be stopped.
hopefully patrick can join me on my next trip out there so i can share all the beauty of nowhere.

now to get outside and unload all those lovely finds
right after i finish my coffee, and my internet rounds, and pet the sweet dogs, and...

have a lovely weekend my friends.
xo. r

1 notes:

  1. I was immediately drawn to the spots as well, the tones and colors are so rich. I hope you had some good finds in your hunting yesterday.