November 4, 2012

sunday sleep in / morning close up / safety orange collars for hunting season / my favorite lumberjack /
incredible tree ring (doesn't it look like it's been drawn on?!) / worn out

our weekends are filled with working days and lazy nights in front of the fire.
there's nothing so exhausting as spending a day outside cutting & stacking wood.
by the same token, there's nothing more fulfilling.

adding a wood boiler to our new home's heating system means that all the trees we cleared to make space for the house will become an efficient (and free) heating source. but as there are about ten more rows to be cut, split and stacked... it also means we will be investing in some arctic lined coveralls for me & my perpetually frozen toes. country life accoutrement.

here's to a beautiful upcoming week with lots of shop work, sewing and perhaps even a marathon vintage hunt.
hope you have a great week ahead of you too!

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. carhartt insulated coveralls + and some insulated boots = now we're talking.

    [yes! that incredible tree ring!!]

  2. if that tree hasn't been chopped up for firewood yet, talk to some instrument makers. That spalting is highly desired by some luthiers!