November 1, 2012

in the spirit of election day, i've added these vintage souvenir flag collections to the shop.
something to proudly fly on your desk or bookshelf.

i'd like to write more here... something about the winding and inglorious path of american history, something about the incredible fact that we have a right to our opinions and votes (which is by no means a given in other parts of the world), something about how we should consider ourselves one nation, and not see ourselves divided by republican/democrat, prochoice/prolife or rights based on sexual orientation. but the vile nature of most political advertising & propaganda is weighing on me and i don't wish to bring that negativity here.

so wave a flag for america. we've come a long way. and we have a long way to go.
it'd be nice to do it together and not squabbling the whole way.

xo. r

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  1. hurrah for the stand you take, speaking without saying the words.